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Saturday 16th April 2016.

I sit here early Saturday morning...half a can of coco-cola popples beside me the hum of this machine is a small comfort from the harshness of the working saddle for now it simply rests grumpy as fuck my stockings simply sigh...as i take this morning off....rubber tyres rummble out side this window...as the day wakens..snow is predicted...i wanted to ponder around the garden..however Brrrr..think i will leave it one more week to see if some warmth seeps up from the leaf mould....
The Japanese...may well party as the Cherry Blossom cascades around them...Here in this cobbled Manchester basin rain wind and pink petals sailing down the gutters gives a picture of glum puddings and woolly hats....only the brightness of the pink against the dying winter makes me think oh well pull up the collar and march on...Small pockets of Blue Bells are beginning to pop up in gardens and along the woodlands they are my favourite spring flower so dainty reminds me of child hood and all those dancing fairies with blue bell hats that seemed to be rampant in every childhood book one came across...When chocolate was indeed chocolate and not stuffed full of bells and gimmic's to make up the fact each year less chocolate pours across the nation....
I have been playing in my tiny red van a mountain of 60's sounds..i wonder if i am trying to tell myself something, perhaps asking myself were the 60's so good covered in red roses in my small world....Traffic's...Hole in my Shoe...echoed around the cab....i could not help but wonder if the small girl whom climbed on the back of a giant albatross is still alive and does she ever wonder about such a record.....So Goeth....



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