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Sunday 24th April 2016.

Creeping into old a baggage of many tricks some are acceptable some even perhaps welcome....others make me scratch my head sigh laugh and perhaps go Hey-Ho...The concert of the Johnny next week..and not last night as i thought....which is better than missing it, if it was indeed the week before, if i get my own drift in thoughts....what quite made me glance at the ticket last night just before i climbed into my very own small blue unknown perhaps God..or the Goblins in pink laced hob nailed boots living in my soul.perhaps thought poor sod cannot have this after a hard week in the working saddle and after all tis but Saint Georges
Thus i ended up for a few hours in various supermarkets..roaming around thinking silly sod...buying candles..chardonnay bubbles bits and bobs and the like..what i did notice was not a thing to shout out, tis but St Georges red crossed cakes no beer full of knights in armour no nothing...quite sad really...when one thinks of Paddy's day when the whole world goes green even down to Irish girls wearing green nail varnish and perhaps green some where else....i recall sitting in a bar in Perth Western Australia some years back and they where even pouring green food colouring in pints of foaming mirth don't think there was an Irishman in the whole ever the day was good....and there are times when the word celebration has to be urged in this mad world....of social chaos....On the way home there were at least a smattering of English flags hanging from a few windows and one or two pubs..were in full flow.....and it did not rain...which is a big wow...Perhaps a great many English cannot be bothered or simply don't give a flying Fook to busy with heads in cabbage patches locked into face book and the like......either has only to watch the drift of rubbish around the cobbled streets, old beds abandoned in hedgerows and all that kinda crap which has become the modern world around this Manchester Basin of wart hogs and roses...
Tomorrow is i do not sit here...Peace and rememberance fair dink' those down under...So Goeth...


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Apr. 24th, 2016 01:32 pm (UTC)
I saw something on some Great British Tea site that it was St George's Day. Yes too much made about St. Patricks Day and Cinco de Mayo, the drinking alcohol holidays.
So belated Happy St. Georges Day!
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    Beautiful pics. :-)
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