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Friday 29th April 2016.

Football..the English Weather...are the two polite subjects that draw most words when meeting ones fellow man in any part of the world....today i have heard enough words to sink a battle ship regards todays weather in all my years of working out side in the elements this April has knocked the socks of any other April i can recall....some shop keeper today even put sledges out for display the whole of the war of the worlds climbed into my mind on first siteings squarked with a giant Boo that even Thunder Clap Newman God rest his soul turned and whispered Jesus as he tinkered on his keyboard in the sky......old Winnie-The-Poo...awoke from his tangle with the Honey Monster....before casting sighs over the flowing river beneath his bridge....as he dropped a poo stick whispering in the same breath...where have you been...??? what month is it..?? are we becoming that old..???....Gosh where have i been, quite indeed winters wrinkled stockings should be half asleep by now...
But the most worrying few words i saw today were scribbled across one of the Tory rag newspapers that sit on the news stand...." Working past 65..can make you live longer " in Big Bold Letters...a paper from a university in America..says SO....This is just the beginning of the propaganda now facing the future generations..very slowly they will be drip fed other such rubbish in the name of What..????....
However it is but weekend and the first bank holiday that sits on its own, how apt that it is Workers Day...depending what rank you hold in the Class system this country still Toots over every general election..time to dance around the May Pole do some rumage in the bushes run naked through the forest with blue bells in your hair..put ten pence in the juke box and play Help by the Beatles and other such games long lost down the cath-o-tube fitted in the box in the corner,which for me now dictates so much of life these days...bar humbug...time to ready my wrinkled stockings for the morrow...out in the Evening to watch a reborn Johnny Cash....This time i have the date right...So Goeth...


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Apr. 30th, 2016 07:44 am (UTC)
We've had three very brief snow showers in the past week - after none whatsoever all winter! A mild winter and then it comes in late April...

Enjoy the long weekend - and the new Johnny Cash.
Apr. 30th, 2016 02:54 pm (UTC)
That does sound like brainwashing. But of course we will live longer working past 65 as then we will have money for food! :-(

Ahhh a reborn Johnny Cash, that sounds fun!
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