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Sunday 1st May 2016.

By now on any given Sunday..Chardonnay Bubbles would be dancing in the kitchen along with me..music would be creeping up the walls and any spiders hiding in the corners would be reduced to tone deaf mode whilst Winnie-The-Poo..would have retreated deep into his honey pot agast at my music taste..which is anything from Vera Lynn to the Sex Pistols....The Chadonnay Bubbles are not far away..so i thought i would sit for a short while and scribble a few lines...Let me not mention the weather only to say bla.... and quickly move on...i have spent most of the day in this room doing the hardest job in my life trying to discard..sort out in good order the mass collection of bits and bobs stored within, i collect things like old train tickets, fallen leaves, i am quite a small, alright, an airbag of fingers a compulsive sentimentalist a memory horder..as much as Winnie...is a anthropornorphic Bear....the walls are full blown collage of pictures  catching my eyes mind and soul from everyplace i have stepped foot on down the years... everything from some love heart sweets unopened because i was shocked when a young lad passed them to me when i was emptying a post box during halloween....some nail varnish given by a girl at work whom thought it was my colour whilst smiling and whispering are you...i do not throw away shoes laces from worn out shoes and i am completely mad...or soft or simply just me...
Last nights concert....with Johnny Cash..was a wow for me and is still buzzing through my mind..scribbling about it might come or the passage of time will settle it, in some corner of my mind and time will lapse as much as the butterflies coarse through the slip stream...Chardonnay Bubbles are tripping the light fantastic up the stairs the soft bounce means time has come...my I-pod shuffle is screaming at me to press play and my fingers are confused with the added delight of home alone bright red nail varnish...The week lies ahead good luck everyone whom passes this way...So Goeth...


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May. 1st, 2016 09:59 pm (UTC)
How great you enjoyed the concert, it sounds really good.
Hope you enjoyd the bubbles and the nail polish!
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