bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 11th May 2016.

A soft rush of rubber tyres outside my window..means the day is dying....The hump day of the over and by hump it is only meant in hours around the clock face and not that 1970's wordage for sugar baby delights between sheets onion sacks and what ever was present during that era.....just in reach is a final glass of Australian is that time in the working saddle where the crack of dawn does not frighten me into thinking rocket science rules and i can be quite a lazy sod for the darkest hours of the day tomorrow when the famous blue raincoat rules....If Elephants could fly it would be a great day also....which means the bubbles in the glass are yummy....and i am quite content....which is perhaps why some one in the distant past could not only walk on water but could make wine...I am sure that is why Coco-Cola had something to do with why it did not become a habit for the great unwashed and the word limited Company is longer the word Jesus...and Voyeurism is not a car wash...So Goeth...

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