bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 16th May 2016.

It seems a hundred years since i last rested here and scribbled..and not the half dozen days my journal tells me...The blank screen simply smirks as Winnie-The-Poo sighs heavily before sticking his head once more in the honey sigh even louder, at least he has not said i told you so which i had half a hunch would come......
Words are trapped some where between my mind and my finger tips...with no rush to find release across this white blank screen..if they were jelly babies i would have probably eaten them by now....i am just grateful to find a few seconds from chasing the ticking clock to rest here gather my thoughts shove them in a hand bag and think perhaps later in the week which i expect giant catterpillars will have already done their dirty work...and once more eaten time itself....
The shower calls time to dance within with my Elephant friends...therefore to all those passing the week is yours...may some good Goblins bless you...So Goeth...

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