bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 15th June 2016.

Am i really half way through June....half way through another week...time in a swinging bucket is so ramped up i almost feel as if time is on the horizon instead of living next to my skin...sigh...i must pinch myself to see where i am in the 24..hour clock cycle..will i find time in Elephants ears..perhaps in fact what indeed is it this time...will i be voting for it on June 23rd...Will England beat Wales tomorrow if i buy a bag of sweets tomorrow will it be the last sweet...Winnie-The-Poo....glances at me strangely pulls his head to one side...I'm ok i mummble...his head goes back to the honey pot...i throw a Poo stick into the river of life...thinking well the day is nearly over the black Goblins shrowded in the night hours are due soon... perhaps the pillow calls now, a dwell on my favourite fantasy might just fly me to the moon and back by then perhaps i will have found time hanging on some old washing line as Summer flowers perk...So Goeth...

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