bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 22th June 2016.

Well the country has arrived on the cusp of a moment which cannot possibly be repeated ever...will people rise up from there soft couches go out into the streets and put a cross on the voting paper in the local village town hall or school or some bug hut on wheels parked on some street corner....Should they have read all the words pushed through their front doors..they will be trembling to the facts that a no vote will trigger world war three..the German finace minister has worded either in or out...with no trade deals on the table if the no vote wins...does this mean all that shite German beer will be tipped into the English channel along with that ultra sweet wine which shakes ones teeth to the depth of hell indeed....Perhaps that will also mean all those boy racers..ladies with a hand full of mobile phones and lipstick in the other hand..will have to forgo all those German cars that haunt the roads and British Leyland will rise from the ashes and the Austin A40 will once more trundle down English country lanes with sky larks rising and Foxgloves in the hegerows wave in the sunshine...Perhaps those German supermarkets will be pulled down and flats for the youth to have some affordable housing will be built...Will England indeed be a better place on Friday morning and not become an ever bigger dumping ground for kabab shops and German supermarkets which seam to now be on each street corner....the Scots want in, if you believe those polls..does this mean Hadrians wall will built even higher with no doors soundproofed from Bagpipes all the scarmongering about the loss of Jobs well at least the building trade will bicklayers in there thousands will be bricking up that hole under the sea between England and France....The biggest smile over the weeks when some one asked if English teams could still play in Europe...the saddest was today i turned on the wireless and some leading students have said there is so much apathy amongst the young students that a large number cannot be arsed or have no interest in politics....i should not sigh at such for when i was but eighteen my only interests was the band Deep Purple..Beer and girls in short dresses...therfore i canot call a house a house for once i lived in the same world...yet so much simpler and less in yer face hectic..than today..
Things i will miss if such a miricle is a no vote...French wine...Belgium...chocolate..and the City of Barcellona Spain which i have an extreme soft spot for....Perhaps this scribble tonight is all tongue in cheek...for whom the bell tolls only knows...
I will be voting out..i really do not want to live in a German super state...yet my mind is made up that there will be no shocks on Friday morning..the English will still whinge, moan, at bus stops chants on the football terraces will still invoke times of JIm Laker said the purpose of English Cricket is to beat Australia...the purpose of English football is to beat the Germans and tell tall stories over their beech towels whilst on holiday in sunny Spain....So Goeth...

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