bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 23rd June 2016.

I sit..glance at the ticking ten minutes the polling stations will close across this nation..a host of voting boxes on gulls back will fly to Harry Potter land and be counted for the Yes and No vote....The big question is will the nation believe the vote when anounced...perhaps if the gulls and Harry Potter was the counting way...Yes...Fiction rather than Reality...a strange cross to bare....during these times...
This afternoon i voted my mind had not changed and a thick black pencil cross went into the out vote...As far as i can recall..from all the years i have tramped to the polling station a thick black Pencil on a short string has been the method to put ones cross on the voting slip...whether voting for Town Council or Members of Parliment..The first booth i entered had the mentioned pencil yet the point was snapped off..had the previous voter been that angry that determined to have their vote carried the force of ten Elephants must have drove their hands...deep into the cross which ever way they voted....was there a huge sigh of relief..or the thought of Fuck It..carrying the day when they lay down the all the years i have voted never once have the tellers spoken on how many voters have questioned the use of a pencil rather than ink....have we become that sceptic about those whom rule us, has the iron rod become far to heavy to bare with nothing but half truths carrying each day...or simply the warm sunshine and the calmness i found myself in simply let my mind float away as the day grew...For much of the day as my tiny red van took each bend..various land marks came into view the odd squirrel taking a chance hurtling across the bare tarmac trying to beat my on coming rubber wheels...i punched the cd player in the cab and popped in some Maria Callas...i perfer to hear her voice on a Sunday with a glass of wine in my hand whilst cooking Sunday Dinner i find it soothing away from the mad world and quite surrel..Somehow today i feel such a day has been quite so....So Goeth... 

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