bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 28th July 2016.

Had my vote to leave the European Union been a tragic waste of time effort shoe leather in standing in the voting booth with a stub of a pencil in my hand...had i awoke on Friday past morning knowing i had lost..i would have simply shrugged my shoulders..took my hat off to the winning side mouthed some naughty words to myself...replaced my hat pulled up my collar bent into the howling rain and got on with life..I certainly would not after four days since the calling those whom crossed leave..thick uneducated...bigots living in garden sheds council houses..etc..etc.....please do not knock on my shed door anymore and ask me to vote on anything even if lollipops should indeed be called such......My mani reason for voting know was not the colour of ones skin or the invasion of peoples from abroad..i just simply did not want to live in a German Super State thank you very much...So Goeth...

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