bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 11th August 2016..Leyte Philippines...

I sit here in a Bug Hut...a term i use,for now one of the remaining internet cafes on the laid back am i that it has taken me several attempts sitting in these huts to fathom my password for my blog...outside this Coconut Island...the world does not exsist...there is no Trump....a Muslim in a white hat had nothing but kindness as we bought string hamocks from his stall...On travels i have always brought a small travel clock and mark each day off..other wise time will simply runaway collapsing into one single moment as days of the week and weekends simply mash the only stress is food and Typhoons regarding ferry crossings as we island hop...amongst the 7,000 islands making up this country...i suspect a life time would not even let you step on each one.
I have just been passed an ice cold Coco Cola..Along with local beer vast amoumts has been comsumed the only thing i have not done with the stuff is clean my teeth....Local water here for the English gut would mean long periods sat in a tin hut with shorts around ones ankles rather than floating in a warm sea with a view of the bay and surrounding mountains fit for any chocolate box cover.
Poverty and wealth are ugly companions living side by side there is no inbetween one has to adapt..i have handed money out in the street always giving a little more to tricycles as they work in the noon day sun waving away some hurts the most the only protection for stopping you getting angry or falling into melancholy madness against the countries leaders is the fact i cannot help all in some small way or else i would be climbing aboard the plane home in bare panties which at my age is an aweful thought and perhaps sight..
This pligrimage is for a special party amongst family. it is a rare thing i mention family for i am not a vast fan of such to many scars over the decades to many times standing in corners..thinking what the thud...the simple word the local word for Transvestite...which seems so much simpler....
In between all this rage,,,Some island hopping in search for the perfect sandy beach which is quite a passion of mine perhaps why i use the word pilgrimage in a few days, hope fully some time in a bug hut to scribble....Take Care all whom pass this way...

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