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Friday 26th August 2016.

Before i head butt this machine in this dim dark bug hut where seeing is futile and memory is guiding my fingers in slow motion across this key board within the confines of an internet which even a snail would fall asleep speed is perhaps the heaviest of sighs. A can of Coco-Cola once cold is now perhaps as warm as a cup of tea...sweat is a puddle under this plastic seat.
However i am simply me...old age...is trundling along in some form...and i hope all whom pass this way are in good health and a mind held together with a fresh bag of marbles which is some where along the lines i find myself on this pilgrimage to find amongst other things the perfect sandy beach....having been on various islands since i have sat in this bug hut consummed vast amounts of mother beer seen some awesome sights seen terrible poverty,laughed with toothless people whom cannot understand my quick spoken English with its Manchester slang nor i in what i call Baggy Language...which is no insult for i cannot spell the tongue they speak in this part of the Philippines...it has been quite a rollar coaster ride through out rigger boats any sanity would not even orgasm a toe to step aboard...Watching the captains face as the big monsoon waves hit his bow in a state of calmness as if on a boating lake back in England made me shrug also and think Jesus how big was that wave as it showerd me in foaming mirth which i would rather call beer.
Put the thoughts of an Englishman abroad syndrome into gear and so i sailed onwards.
August is not the time to seek the perfect sady beach the southern Monsoon driven sea even throws up on shore old dead pirates amongst the flotsom on the beach all clinging on to the vast amount of empty glass plastic beer bottles littering the shore even to the fact of a toilet seat laying there whispering i dare you....i left it in peace....i think i have some good photos but will wait until i down load back in Manchester before up load....as i am almost floating in this heat i think it is time to visit the sunshine outside.And find another cold coc-cola which i know sounds quite mad but then again i must have some mad streak in me or else perhaps i would not have boared the plane all those weeks ago
Whether i sit in one of these again in the next two weeks is something i will ask myself during the dark hours when the aircon makes sense of my mind.As whether this makes any sense is another question as i reach for the off switch amd smile.


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Aug. 26th, 2016 12:28 pm (UTC)
Oh oh, now I think you are still on vacation. The Philippines - I have never been but would like to. Tagalog, is that the language?
Aug. 28th, 2016 12:11 am (UTC)
my coworker is from the phillipines! it sounds like an interesting place. as our summer wanes here in canada, i am happy to have finished our short heat wave as you sweat it out on the other side of the world. enjoy!
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