bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 30th August 2016.

I have found a new Bug Hut in down town Ormoc City it has a light...and there is a floating fan above my head....a big wow as i float my fingers across these keys in some sort of fashion, this is my last full week on the island of Leyte famous for the landing of American troops retaking the Philippines during world war two...there is a monument in Tacolban city which still stands after surviving the great storm from a few years past which wiped out a large portion of the city which must say something. i have not been this time to Tacolban the old saying that one should not go back into your past does have a ring of truth.....since 1991...i have been tripping through this island then a half asleep rural community in coconut, sugar cane, rice fields, the money men and God have pounced on the west coast of this island..i have never seen so many American churches in all my life mushrooming from rice thing you cannot do is eat God...the inlet where washer women once washed their bodies and clothes children ran swam naked in the pools in amongst a hoard of hot gossip and happy screams is no longer there it is now a raped inlet fit for only trawling rocks and gravel i sucpect alot of money has changed hands over and under the table for the tramp steamers gather as hornets to displace their cargo to whom is ever building in these to the locals and thery explain just how hard in the blazing sun it is to work rice land....the stories the words were perhaps uttered across England in the same vain Centuries ago.....better let the money wash through ones fingers for a short while than toil forever for very little is much said in the blowing wind....As i lay awake in the dark hours i am thankful when i saw this island as it was and always come to the question will i ever return.So Goeth.....

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