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Friday 30th September 2016.

I have reached the weekend...the list of do's stretches to the moon and back..if i tick off one or two i will be thankful...another brick in the wall or another butterfly in the distance, along this rocky road of life..the weather days are still chinked with blue making September a rammble in shirt sleave order..October now stretches in front unknown the only certainity is the date change each day, time to be aware of the forlorn hope regiment dressed in melancholy madness the more i move to retirement the easier the war against it becomes...
Today was a cancer Charities fund rasing coffee morning..how could i refuse home made cake as i passed through a small companies offices, i passed a few houses also having such, as my tiny red van worked on auto pilot whilst i scoffed cake in the remit of Billy Bunter, old ladies with large hand bags bustled past my tiny red van, a lady with tremendous wobbles was on her way to her second all in a good cause of coarse....she smiled...i would too with her wobbles...
A clothes shop which lies in a small village seemily been there for centuries has a closing down sale how many times i have stopped stared across the window dressings is uncountable a sort of a friend in ones life one of those things where such a sight seems normal at peace in the tempest tossed wild world...a rock that does not bleech from the hi-tec knockings and whispers hey-ho as i pass, i shall miss it...i just had to pop in buy a dress and have a few quiet words..time to retire came the whisper done my fair share for society..bless the old soul what will she do with her spare time was upper most in her mind...i had to tell a few fibs about the dress but hey-ho dance with the devil one must...So Goeth...


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Sep. 30th, 2016 09:34 pm (UTC)
How close are you to retirement? It is a weird feeling isn't it. I am going to put in for early retirement Oct 25th, that will take effect April 25th. Here you can do that once you reach a certain age, one just gets less per month. I think I am ready though.

Your dress sounds awesome!

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