bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 9th October 2016.

I got you many times has that tune floated through my mind perhaps when i had a flat past my shoulders a dress that fitted...but hey they say progress  lays on the back of cammels and the year now, so get over it....all in a plastic bag the foaming mirth in wants the last nine yards in tumble town and winnine the poo...whom still throws poo sticks as he stands on the bridge over the river of life,,,politics licks our dreams will the mad man win in America.will S @ G...still sing the sun goes down in central park..will Harry O...pull on his dirty rain coat and will dirty harry stand on the Kojac licks lollipops..time is a ticking clock that i fight against but always loose...God Bless America..and all who  sail in her.....
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