bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

30th October 2016.

Ken Boothe...sang Artibella...not quite as long as the Mexican band playing through the John Wayne film of long ago, Red River was not it, nor was there pebbles on the beach...Winnie The Poo gives that glance have you been on the bubbles....for celebrating a big five O..birthday perhaps....not mine i haste being now long past such a figure...
There you go, echoes, Johnny Cash hums through the I-Pod....crashing over 3rd base Doger Stadium as Ry Cooder closes the door deep in pop corn mode, split Coco-Cola cans rattle against the barn Clinton gets a bashing from the British Media hiding behind the door herself from the Sunday she full of bubble gum, has she walked the beach barefoot in fact is there an honest hair on her legs..perhaps...the magic roundabout calls at least Florance was Honest....and so too were the Undertones on saturday night..teenage kicks...through the night brings back those seemily innocent days when the word hope was clothed in giant hay Goeth...
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