bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 8th November 2016.

Late evening in North West England..rain pelts the pavements, winter, weather is on its way, my dream of such weather passing over us for one year has again not come true..the wool hat comes out tomorrow....For perhaps five minutes i turned on the wireless for some strange reason perhaps torture i thought perhaps some late debate on the puppets Clinton and Trump...would crisp out from the speakers as the voting had already opened...five minutes was enough i returned to the tunes...The Only Living Boy in New York by S&G...mingled with the passing trees...two magpies danced on an old bench seat....i always thought in youth the song was to in the autumn of my life i can quite happily think suits my age.
Tomorrow i hope America fills the White House with the lesser evil...i will simply continue to play...S&G...through the day, perhaps a miricle will come out of the form of a bubble.....With fingers crossed and for all Americans not glued to the tv, wireless or deep in a bucket of Beer, good luck for the morrow..the world needs some good news...So Goeth...
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