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Thursday 17th November 2016.

He whom across the Pond, where everybody seams to be in full sail....as to whether he is one of the three witches in Macbeth or the wolf stalking Red Riding Hood...has now vanished from the front pages of the tabloid press here in England...instead we are now being treated to a famous English sportsmans drunken wedding....in all my years i have wandered through more than a handfull of weddings....in all that time i have never stumbled across a sober one..quite why the media thinks the great unwashed want to be fed such stories with their morning snap crackle and pop breakfast is quite beyond myself...perhaps newspapers should be slipped into brown paper bags and placed on the top shelve out of reach of the great unwashed along side the still produced Girlie mags for those whom have not quite found the internet.
With all the modern tecno within the worlds grasp do we really need Politican's any more...i really do not know how many there are in the states..i do know there are around six hundred and fifty sat down the road two hundred miles away...i am sure six hundred to many, infact about simply twelve angry men would be enough perhaps they could trawl the country in a mini van giving speeches on old village greens perhaps the Houses of Parliment could be turned into a giant Teddy Bear..home for unwanted Winnie The Poo's being so many now lay in the windows of chariety shops i have noticed recently for i cannot possibly buy them all to save.
Perhaps too we will be able to vote inside the new renovated Mcdonalds..now springing up around this City all with touch screen ordering..Perhaps ypu could order a Big Mac and vote for Trump at the same time...Perhaps that is how he won, the right to sit in the white house pull of his socks and count his toes and laugh like fuck at us all....So Goeth...



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