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Boxing Day England...2016

Slowly my working Zombie Christmas mode for my 35th Christmas is beginning to fade for the last four weeks i have delivered everything from a toilet seat to a large box of special pot noddles pulled out more christmas cards from those freindly red pillar boxes than could possibly reach up to the moon and back attacked by more old ladies of which one or two hugs came my way for accepting their cards as the red pillar box door begins to close...it is but the season to be jolly and indeed i do love working during this festive period,the only draw back is time folds boils and froths into simply work and nothing else only by ticking days off the calender did i know where in the month of December i found myself...keeping my self going by eating a vast army of Cadburys Chocolate snow men along my route...with a promise to my mind and body rest will come soon.

it is quite easy to throw ones uniform down the cellar steps hoping it crawls in unison to the washing machine with a heavy sigh, as for the body and mind that takes longer taking farts and starts..thankfully this season has gained a couple of extra bank holiday days i do not have to drag on my uniform until Wednesday...which is a big Winnie-The-Poo....sigh....as i take stock and begin to catch up drink bubbles and wonder how indeed i ate all those chocolate snowmen....with a wonder how may more hectic Christmas pressures i have left in my old Postal uniform...


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Dec. 28th, 2016 09:16 pm (UTC)
What an intense time of the year for you. And I am relieved for you that you did not have any of that messy white stuff falling from the sky and causing problems. Hope you feel like you got some rest before you went back. I guess that would be yesterday by the time you read this.
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