bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Bank Holiday Tuesday 27th December 2016.

I call this time between Christmas and New mans land...a time to down a few improvements i can possibly make in my life style,really hard when i think three people live within this skin each one rattling its own saber the small boy whom still picks marbles up from the street still enjoys that feeling on opening up a cold bottle of Coke-a-Cola as if it is the first time a drink that was barred in the household for simply far to many tall stories that it could rot anything on the planet the 60's were indeed a strange time... He whom should be John Wayne and is not by far, for to many reasons, even so for that, if i had to pick my favourite ..The Searchers don't know if it is the music or the lurch through that door which moves me was in my childhood on every Christmas and still now i could open up a bottle of chardonnay and watch time and time again....she...whom shouts loudest sometimes wins or gains the ground with the largest hat pin known to man..which usually means she wins all the time.....and possibly should be strangled with her own stockings...however i soldier on a laugh there amongst a few giggles capturing a strange moment in this crazy world....i do have hope for the world in a mad dream that all wars will sink beneath the waves of words that start always fingers crossed....
Today..i ventured out to town....a wopping 2C what ever that means in English all i know the cold wind storked anyone whom bobbed out doors....concrete skies roamed but thankfully no rain...A Father Christmas sat in the distance on the pavement asleep his head rocked almost touching his knees his card board plate must have been there for passers by....well i do hope so....a man busked playing a festive tune with a  flute..i dropped some coins in...he must have been so cold....he smiled...the tall buildings once proudly built ask to many questions as i pass by to much dirty history on mankind i shrugged get over it was the thought its Christmas sale time...time to bash the pennies...So Goeth...

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