bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 1st January 2017.

The days of myself on new years eve of roaming around Pubs...Parties...trawling through city streets in the early hours trying to flag down a passing taxi staggering full of foaming mirth have for some years now vanished into the dusty corners where old ghosts snigger and giggle at the antics of those whom still walk the planet...Had not youth been under this hummble dwellings roof this festive season i might have well not bothered to even see the new year in...the Hope one has for the coming year usually sinks amongst the black hole of media fantastic on the first snippit of sad news which the media love to play bat and ball with....during the first few days of the year....i defend myself with the thought the media is simply there today to make money....
Newspapers today should be wrapped in brown paper bags and kept out of reach of children and old farts like myself on any news stand the sort of covers back in the days when soft porn mags such as the old Mayfairs and Penthouses were kept in..just so they would not corrrupt young spotty youth whom often wondered what was under a female rain coat....and at times reached up and with a grubby pinch bought one...
My other defence..are these thoughts..from Emily D...i found during an art show in Manchester University which at the time struck me with a big Wow....of which i took a picture and keep it amongst other tit-bits on this here desk....

" Journalism is a bit like shiny packaging, or better still a pretty advert. What you read is not necessarily true, but it entices you anyway, draws you in and seduces you. The attraction and authority of the printed word is undeniable, but with out substance wit or intelligence it amounts to nothing. Perhaps the greatest crime of all in the media is the lack of imagination and vision. The majority of journalists in the media today appear happy to repeat one another; one person devises a label, say "uber" for example and soon it crops up everywhere. This German word meaning  "over" or "above' has become a buzzword; a femininst is an uber femininst, a designer is an uber designer. The label is a kind of multipurpose shorthand to indicate a person's alleged prowess, but no evidence or explanation is given. The label becomes a cover, for without it the journalist is left with their own thoughts, their own definitions, and their own ideas.
But this kind of independence form media rhetoric demands a more rigorous and honest approach to what is being written { which of coarse, harder to do}. It is all to easy to fall back on laziness: the quicker it's done, the quicker it's gone. It's an easy trap to fall into. But lazy journalism is not only uninspiring, it's negitive. The press is a very powerful tool in that it has the power to affect and change the way people think. If the majority of Journalists write badly and lazily, then people who are influenced by the media { which means myself and no doubt the majority of people exposed to the media} will in turn adopt some of these attitudes into their way of thinking. It is up to us as the next generation of writers,photographers, designers- and more importantly readers of the media that we take a stand against weak ignorant  reportage, and input our own visions, ideas and thoughts. { Know yourself and the rest is easy}.

Peace and joy to all thinkers and lovers out there: good luck in 1999...and may the year 2000 be yours!

Emily D. "

it would be interesting on Emily's thoughts today and where she is in the world....

However So and peace from my crazy self to all whom pass this way may yours....

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