bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 17th January 2017.

I did write a scribble for this blank screen in my head this morning whilst on auto pilot driving my tiny red van...something to do with the crows sitting high on branches strutted on sleeping rain soaked trees. The gloom of the morning made their haunting call come from the pages of was the Shakespere play i trawled through during school days the images still can be felt when i linger in my own thoughts witches and wrinkled stockings link the parts the curly finger, of dominant crones the other, i recall those small moments of joy in my innocence of that time, perhaps a dark lipstick clatters through the shutters as i move my thoughts through the crazy streets of my mind each corner a pandora's box of magic.... Puff The Magic Dragon a tune from the sixties which i have not heard for some years comes to me now as i scribble across these keys after a gloom ridden forlorn day on the waether front... just the thought reminds me of youthful masturbation and chocolate biscuits...before the days of shame stetched out from the shadows...of being a teenager in love with perhaps myself...
Today i had a few moments of down time, early evening whilst waiting for Red Pillar boxes to click through time until a hand held scanner is proof the box has been emptied on time, there was once long ago the word trust but sadly that has now vannished along with the words public srevice..the very words the Tories where was i yes down time..i love to trawl through charity shops linger over the books feel the lost ghosts in cast off female clothes...a pair of red house slippers quite quaint were sadly to small for me a mere size five...could i have squeezed my size six in perhaps...however time was bitten....and i settled for a couple of books with the offer buy one get one free i clouted out the coppers in my pocket at least something for a good cause...... The heavy sigh from the female inside me might make me go back..however tonight is over and the pillow calls for this old panto dame...So Goeth...Love and peace to all whom pass this way...

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