bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 19th January 2017.

Will the known world end tomorrow from the mouth of one man....Perhaps....Will Elephants still walk the streets of some cities of the world..King Canute sit on his throne and push back the tide...Will Winnie The last empty his honey pot.....and will i still be the same as i am, to sit here and toss about the keys to play tigger with the words across this blank screen....
Some fly posters on the walls in the city of Will All large black letters i am sure on a bed of red flowers...perhaps something to do with..some sort of art whether music or whatever...As i glimpse the poster in my tiny red van i cannot but think of the man with a large pair of dice..what he will roll only the three fates will this moment....Keep Calm America..the world needs you all with sanity upper most....Good Night...Hugs to you all...

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