bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday september 9th 2006.

It is going to be a long day,i might fall to the ills of the bottle;i was challenged to write if only two lines a day in this journal,i luv the challenge,but deep down i might well fail,this morning i have been mainly cruising over blogs and searching the cuckold blogs out, as with any blog there are so many that simply fade away, or become inept,maybe that is simply life or the writers did not get the response they craved,as anyone who blogs surely does not sit here for nothing and this just might fade along with so many millions.But the challenge,maybe that's it a slave to the two lines,may be at last the slave i have sought to be all these rampant years is here maybe not in flesh,the burning sting of pain,the rough use of anal friction,the spitting cock in the many disappointments down the years,one feels what is the point,so maybe scribbles could save the day.
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