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Sunday 5th February 2017.

Tis but the first weekend of February...my companions this early hour are as always the ticking clocks they are not in unison the sound climbs up the walls drips down from the ceiling...they are a comfort from the mad world where at this time the word Trump..is every breath i take the only places i have not seen that name are on toilet roll and Beer cans..but it will come...it will be a name long after he has gone probably sitting comfortable next to Thatcher....a word long dead but effects are daily lives from the grave...i have promised myself that after this morning i will try and think that word as simply as a word not to put any meaning behind it letting it flow down the river of life stand on the bridge with my old friend Winnie-The-Poo..to throw poo sticks into the turbulant waters.... and whisper God Help Us.....
Yesterday was the birthday of a girl i once loved to bits..as i stood in the evening amongst people celebrating a 50th birthday...having drawn the short straw to drive for the evening sober was the name of the game...strange thoughts cloud through the mind whilst stood at parties as the Beer flows before you...one i simply wanted to go home as the beat from the music turned from the sixties..to the up and coming rap rap....as sometimes the worst place to be is inside your own head in these rooms of heaving people....as these evenings grow into gay abandon thankfully i left before the orgy of beer became a river and strange dances snaked across the small dance floor...on the plus side it was good in this mad world to see the 50th Lady becoming less stressed over enough food on the table and is there enough enough antics for the kids flying around the room to be occupied with. I left behind all the people i did not know and that was the whole room....I also left the other birthday girl of loved to bits in the bottom of the Coco-Cola glass she really did not like transvestites and perhaps i did not like spam anymore...So Goeth...


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Feb. 5th, 2017 01:53 pm (UTC)
Dear Bi (seems like you once gave me a name I could use with you, but it's not coming to mind...)

I loved this sweet walk-down-memory-lane. The girl you loved to bits (and saw in the bottom of your Coke glass) sounds very special. And the "birthday party" for her seems to have been a good one -- even if you had to abstain from the Beer. (I think you are correct to capitalize it...)

Feb. 5th, 2017 03:47 pm (UTC)
That sounds very nostalgic. I have not been to any kind of a party in so long, especially one like that with the past staring one in the face.

Back during the Vietnam war, I was accused of sticking my head in the sand like an ostrich because the news and politics were so bad. I feel myself going there a bit for self preservation purposes. Not good but this anxiety of it all, my gawd.
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