bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 19th February 2017.

Coco-Cola...half a can sits before me...this big white screen is mocking me...blank as perhaps the blankness i feel this Sunday mid-morning, outside this rooms window the rush of rubber tyres onward is increasing as too the day...i have so much in my wish list to complete on this free day that i simply stare and think perhaps next Sunday as the hoard of dust bunnies scamper about poke out tongues from behind piles of books on the floor play hide and seek between dresses hanging on the rail....Work was one of those weeks which is perhaps why half a can of coke sits here hissing bubbles.
I am not melancholy...simply slow motion tired...from the grind of urban living, working, what ever new word sums up the kimono crazyness of it all..thankfully there are moments when driving my tiny red van is a delight...worthwhile and the word hope trundles by also.The Queen..sends out personal cards to those whom reach 100 years old and those whom reach 60 years of bliss....sssshhh...i will whisper that all my 35 years driving this tiny red van last Thursday was only the second one i have hand delivered....the old man was waiting as i drove into the yard....please knock on the door rather than leave the post in the usual place the old gery haired lady in black glasses answered the door it was quite emotional...i even felt myself being caught up in this single emotion on a bleak mid winters day...i left the couple to open the Queens message passing out through the yard thinking gosh where was i in 1957...was the world a better face book..television actually turned off for the night closing with the national anthem..Could one buy Coco-Cola in England at that time..and batman was no where in sight though i expect Elephants could be seen walking down the high street...
The Coco-Cola can is empty time i think to perform something on my wish list...Take care all...So Goeth...

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