bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 28th February 2017.

Good-Bye....February 2017...i won't say i'll miss you to much..i won't rank you out of the last sixty...i am sure i have endured far worse and perhaps had far better..I won't hug you kiss you...or even use a slang word for sex about you....i shall simply sigh and let you go out into the wild wood perhaps where you belong....
I will thank you for giving my vanity a touch of class a reach to the stars and a quick kiss for myself amongst the snowflakes wild winds and perhaps cold sunshine the leaf mould waking up the snow drops forcing daffodils up well before their time...the anti wrinkle cream i bought with a light sigh knowing i am well past that..but at least it smells nice and makes me feel good in this deep mid winter....i have not fallen to your blues in tunes of doom and gloom which at this hour of the night only leaves...So Goeth.... 
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