bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 12th March 2017.

The only two things i am sure about at this hour is the size of this white blank screen before me and a fresh can of cold IRN-BRU...fizzing away by my side.....Bru'd in Scotland to a secret recipe since 1901....and costing 39pence a can..i scribble this simply because the screen is beginning to fill up with words plus it is all i can read on the can even with reading glasses...simply one of those things to strike a note that age is indeed advancing.
One or two rubber tyres are beginning to pass my window...Sunday is beginning to lurch forward....i have been kindly given one of those head colds by a good companion in the work of the tiny red van syndrome..i did indeed thank him by giving a few troglodytes to munch nose feels full of fire engines with the added restaurant of moth balls for eye sockets apart from that i have survivied another week in my tiny red has as always been interesting the one thing about this trade now in my 36th year..never is any day the same..good and bad with head any given moment...wrinkled stockings, a pocket full of elastic bands the harshness, delight in some people you cross brings the day in pickled cabbages to a close, there is no finer thing than sitting on the kitchen floor and pulling ones boots off..even better is the uniform sailing down to the wash house in the cellar thinking Jesus Christ i have made it home....
I have this week..watched bumble mid flight thinking Oooooo....spring is on the march at last....a school boy played chicken with my tiny red van he only just made it by a whisper amazing what male youth performs, strutts, in his age when walking home with school girls..i recall those days myself though i was more sedate in carrying their school bags home for those i was infatuated at the time....some of them i wonder what if and where are they vanity wonders if they do the same..perhaps...
On that note i think it is time for me to join the day...So Goeth...

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