bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 15th March2017.

IF....42million hugs are spread around the world on any given Monday and if you believe man's law of averages, then What does a Wednesday bring then 42million and a bag of Butlers purveyors of happiness chocolate fudge plus a small bottle of Purdey's Edge multivitamin fruit drink.... which on this dark morning i find myself in one of those multi indifferance moods swung from the arms of a cat on a high wire...i am perhaps neither here or there...perhaps this is simply withdrawl as my Uniform still lies in the wash house...therefore i am on leave for a week naturally i have found myself in the bottom of a bottle of bubbles as evening rides across the day coupled with a fit of old classic films which pop into my head during these times...The Cruel Sea...The Desert Rats....and then there was this...a film i cannot remember if i saw it live during it's release years or simply the DVD..has been a picture i have passed in many a store's stock of films and has stuck inside my head....The Sand Pebbles...starring Steve McQueen Candice Bergen and others...possibly the slowest film i have recently watched in the nostalgia bucket of my life...Steve McQueen...was not the great escape in fact i wondered if it really was him by the time i made up my mind the word..Intermission came across the screen and refused to go away thus ended the film it was the strangest instant recall..should i have rushed out for an ice cream perhaps the film might have restarted...perhaps i should simply say So Goeth...and finish the weeks leave with no bubbles and hence i might make some sense......

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