bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 19th March 2017.

Tis but's raining, has it stopped since Friday...after all this is Manchester... home of the giant rain drop which never runs dry and...No....i don't think the rain has at all stopped...i am sure i would have noticed, never mind i feel quite tarty, quite why is unknown perhaps only an Elephant in a pink kimono would know or is because i cannot make my mind up about this little picture i came across yesterday whilst encased in a rubber train...during a day trip to the big city of Birmingham where it was not raining and that strange thing in the sky came out to play..every body knew we were from Manchetser because of our long rain coats like some old B-Movie Western slouched hat and an SLR.... and to think the journey was only one and half hours.
This picture made me smile, giggle, sigh, in one motion as perhaps i could have dressed as the young lady at that age, but years down the track perhaps the old camel is better does not make me sad or even bitter...but simply life is, was,.....for those days when transvestites were tucked away in linen cuboards with labels do not open until after dark except halloween....and indeed i did have rather a super day " i say what, what," always Cities are always full of contrasts..the old, new, decaying buildings, a once fashion icon no longer the driving gait it once was still stood the test of time in a token of silent solitude, the paint seeping off the walls, wind blowing plastic white cups those seemingly to be wrapped around every city in the world...resting in a small corner which always catches the eye...i stumbled across a records collectors fayre bringing back so many memories when all one could do was push ones face against the record shop window for only a sixpence was in ones pocket at that time i think in all my time i bought no more than half a dozen vynal albums......i stuck to buying a few CD"s..for i really cannot change anymore from scope to scope at the stroke of perhaps a business man's lust for the last pound coin in England...over the sound of a particular music note...Found a nice tiny clean Chinese eating house..drank far to much Coco-Cola...with ice through out the day, for i am not one for drinking bubbles on the hop on a day out..i luv..better to wonder at the eye candy which walks past wishing i have breasts that big with a giggle, smell those distinct smells on market day which thankfully Birmingham still has, the fruits and veg..looked stunning and some was quietly bought, The Rag Market was a tiny bit of a sadness for time is marching past it's doors unless you luv hats and i mean hats big enough for KIng Kong to have a bath in..perhaps ...some banter on the platform returning home with a couple of Manchester youth...visiting Brimingham University to get ready for the new entrance of places in the summer...makes up for the drunken youth kicking his drinks bottle across the platform yelling and screaming perhaps he needed a piss....or perhaps he wished his girlfriend to carry it what she thought only God knows....well i think it's time to put my hand bag away smile once more at the picture and say SO Goeth with the adds on of whom ever passes this way have a good week ahead and may peace be with you....

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