bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 9th April 2017.

On this brave Sunday...i am alive...apart from an add comment on LJ..... my trusty machine has mostly been silent for a good few days, i am not sure if this has been the lazy lob mood as Winter fades away by simply watching that yellow thing in the sky mark it's path across the blue sky feeling some of it's warmth cut through the remaining chill still present early mornings..or perhaps musing over how much longer i shall pull on my old blue uniform, put up with managements ever increasing cry for more or perhaps the added bonus whilst driving through these red bricked streets where road works are endless and have no name, tied in with the lane lizards contortments as they also falther in the increasing traffic for the sake of the full ten yards.
I content myself for the moment with a pack of Cadbury's giant dairy milk small golden letters  made under licence from Cadbury Uk limited..does this mean no longer made in England..has England really come down to that, not even Chocolate made on the home shores....Tut Tut...i do hope Winnie The Poo..does not know such a fact.
We do make exceptionaly good traffic jams..bolstered by firey traffic wardens whose pencil tips become red hot in money fines, added to the taxman whom the Beatles once sang about with no doubt many new taxes invented since the 60's....cover our pavements in a swarm..
Bummble bees are in the air which always makes me smile, the remaining daffodils whom whethered winter are now stood bright bold waving as one passes by, no wonder the poet Wordsworth scribbled such...Dutch tulips run amok the mixed brigh bold colours so vast in choice since i was a kid...where the bog standard colour Red..Yellow...was about it...So much has changed down the years that my clattering mind sometimes stutters into a form of champagne Super Nova's as i fathom life it's self....i know also i am becoming older the giant spiders lines crawling up my legs has slowed to apace i can sigh at, and they do not quite stop my wrinkled stockings from standing in defiance of old age...My gait is still strong firm i can plant my feet in good memory jingle jangles still to Dylan, with still a crush on Janis Joplin...yet this morning whilst resorting my wine collection in the cellar i let slip a full bottle of Chardonnay from my hands on to the concrete floor..which either means nothing or the three fates simply whispering don't you think there are enough bottles in this cellar....So Goeth..and a good week in front to all, if your an Easter Bunny Treat yourself..your only on this planet once in this form at least...

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