bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 4th April 2007.

I am going to linger here for only a short while,the spiders in my head have kicked me to bits today,despite mother nature being is superb form.I fell under the spell of the wireless this morning and the spunk spurting news,that twenty towns in England are to introduce..CCTV cameras with loud speakers to shout orders at us the great unwashed.
As this spittle ouzed over the air waves and in to the bowels of the work place,did i see any twitching heads,any loud rage,no...not a whimper am i going mad,is this what i am leaving to my children..if their is a god he has certainly fucked off away from the planet...George Orwell must be masturbating with glee..yet i read some comments about him today on the big wide web and must think clearly about them..aaarrrrrhhhh yes lullaby with thanks...

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