bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 24th May 2017. Bob Dylan' ending of a James Bond life yesterday...Manchester Untied have won in Sweden...all is over shadowed by the pictures shown by the city of Manchester and the towns that ring fence this city many tales,'s almost like the First World War where  no family was untouched..every body wants to say something from sorrow to love to hope to hate..talks of gas-um...send them all home no more refuges in fact fuck off every body..has been whispered under strange lamp machines...the most chilling words i have seen in large print...These children will not be coming home covered a certain newspaper.
The grief is beginning to seap out of the red bricked walls cobbled streets are ring fenced in hot air..has been mass floated into the sky..the shock has even reached one of the remote Scottish islands...I myself have stood and watched the BBC news been sucked in blown away by events on this approaching 50th Tapestry of the Summer Of Love..1967....So Goeth...
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