bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 26th May 2017.

It is quite easy to ride on the crest of emotional waves which are flowing through the Manchester basin..the slogan...I love Manchester creeps along the pavement making love to any lonely dandilion which has managed to grow between the cracks in the pavement. Pictures of the worker bee are pasted on high rise office buildings...Girls, older Fems, are i believe rushing to have a worker bee tattoo for the sum of £50.00 on there bodies quite where only the dandilion will know they say some of the cost will go to the charity set up to help the surviviors...of this incident which has coined so many names by all the newspapers whom are covering this sad story..i know times have changed since i was a small boy for half the words would not have made it to any public print in yesteryear....
This Manchester Bombing with all its emotion sadness pouring across the land has kissed godbye the stiff upper lip i and my generation perhaps liked or endured as we grew up...or perhaps it was this mini-heat wave that has crossed the mass of red bricked buildings which are the daily lives of so many...Perhaps indeed it is some small goodness to spread out since that dreadfull night.....I think in time i will forget the date, year, but that stunned silence...perhaps not...So Goeth...

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