bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 1st June 2017.

Local buses returning to depot after duty carry the inscription...I Love Manchester...i watched a young magpie pause on a rock in the morning sunshine for a few seconds the contentment reflected across the garden....a sort of blessing for the day ahead....indeed the day was if nothing else what was on the young magpies mind....Although the sun played hit and is warm enough to sit naked before this machine at my age there is a good point..that only i can see this machine..but after a day in the working saddle it does feel good.
Tomorrow the weekend starts...yippie...Am going to some sort of party saturday night...i will not be wearing a dress..sigh..when i bought the tickets some months past i was full of glee now the date is rushing over the horizon i am not so sure..however and probably left there....i am glad i have sat for a short while on the opening day of June...God Bless all....So Goeth...
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