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Tuesday 6th May 2017.

As i climbed from my pit this morning felt the midnight goblins hop scotch away in thier pink laced hod-nailed boots, pulled on my stockings, pulled on my blue uniform, watched them totter down the garden dancing and giggling within each other, i could hear the feint thunder from 73 years ago echo from the history books which lie around this room recall such films as The Longest Day when 130,000 Allied Soldiers Touched French soil to begin the long march to end the Second World War....
I thought as i pulled on my work boots tied up the laces..just how i would have reacted if i was such all those years ago today. My generation has never been allowed to forget such endevour from all that youth as we grew...eat all your greens, waste not want not,Sunday afternoons always seemed to hold an old classic war film as one finished Sunday dinner...i once worked with a Royal Marine whom went ashore in the first wave, he to like my grand farther from the first world war trenches..never uttered a word from that time...How quickly to one can brush aside such lingering thoughts as i walked out from the back door felt the pouring rain shrugged my shoulders and simply ugged into the modern world to cart around the streets of this Manchester Basin..there was not even a whisper about such history in the office squabbles or a drift from the wireless hanging on the wall...Life is as they say..darkness has fallen history moves on, time now to fight the Goblins of the night and to note within myself one should not forget even how mad the world has become such even if it is now 73 years ago today...So Goeth...



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