bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 11th June 2017.

..." Maybe i might.."...sung by Seas Sick Steve.....Captures the crazy streets of my mind, the words in the song reflect how i feel on this rain sodden day in the Manchester basin..even wearing hold up stockings punching my tiny silicone breasts in a t-shirt hoping next door and beyond can see whom lives within, flitters within a glass window, what is that line...i am the master of my fate...ha i least my old friend Winnie The Poo.can still throw Poo sticks as the Tory party fooks its self...what did Bevin quote in 1956....lower that vermin....god bless the working class whom climb away from thier pits and vote....The Great Unwashed have at last had a good day...So all...

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