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Sunday 2nd July2017.

Summer has retreated back to the concrete sky and falling rain drop...it did arrive..it did reach 80F..even in the shade, people did sit outside Pubs quaffs of ale slipped down thirtsy throats.. after two days...then came the sleepers...i cannot sleep at night..it's too hot..the roads began to melt, fallen leaves on train tracks stopped trains, Royal Ascot allowed men to rip their ties off..i say say...so the story goes...from under the leaf mould the sleepers began their chants until high in the sky the sunshine gods thought bollocks and thus retreated to better parts of the world and have left the Great Manchester basin to once more sink into the mire of soggy bread, cold chips, pork pies that scoot across the ground looking for slugs, whilst pink elelphants ride shot gun in the sky just incase the sun should put its hat on and try and slip under the concrete sky...Some people even had the nerve to shriek to the days of Summer 1976....when the sun Gods sat on their arses farting all through the summer for months on end.
Back then i was an apprentice plumber working under floors in tight spaces drilling holes shoving copper pipes into the void where countless spiders scrambled from black holes mounted me laughing like heck because they could so my mind tells me....
This summer is not going to be 1976...in fact i doubt if i shall see such a summer ever again...perhaps we English only feel one in a life time...
However as the sixties song went must not grumble...life this past few weeks has been cooking on overdose of work my blue uniform has almost stuck to my back..the poor bitch inside me has been screaming blue murder how dare you keep me so confined..where's my bloody dress.....almost linched yesterday when i had to buy a new suit for one of the occasions when the male must be on the outside..the tailor whom measured me was quite well lets just whisper yummy and move on to his gift on finding me a suit off the peg that did indeed fit...Bless him...So Goeth...


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Jul. 4th, 2017 10:00 pm (UTC)
I owe you a letter!! Yours arrived much to my delight! I imagine you would have preferred panty shopping to the suit, except for the yummy tailor :-P We are melting here today at 97°F.
The world is a mess, but we go on one foot in front of the other. So it goes.
You are loved!
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