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Tuesday 1st August 2017.

August opens it's hours across the land hidden gems await if one has time to turn a few stones down the path of life...to stand and stare across the bough just to be, is simple enough a pause in time caught in spiders webs..this opening day brought rain....as i worked through this wet mass falling in shards from the multi  stretched greyness above...i could here wet whispers amongst the heavy drops bouncing on tree leaves plopping into puddles as my working boots tramped ever caught in the time warp of the clicking clock face so haunting in todays work ethic where every second is not enough for those whom throw us mere crumbs....do not feel sad they whispered or dispassionate about this falling rain simply accept that those far away summers you once lived through, warm lemonade caught in the drum of the throat, no pennies in your pocket when the tring of the ice cream man passed and you wondered why you could not have one and what indeed was a penny any way...a shrug of the shoulders a pull on the shorts those summers which seemed endless during the big school break...as if time indeed stood still...do not expect those sunshine days to slip over the horizon again...just accept this rain for what it is..water, perhaps from heaven if you have a faith, more simply the planet has changed just as you have, therefore enjoy us kissing you on whatever bare skin you give us as we pass into puddles mirrors of the world are we perhaps...life will then feel not so stern...So Goeth...



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