bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 12th April 2007.

Today i tried to be oblivious to certain surroundings that have become so familiar,that they have been eating up my thoughts as i travel through the day whether at the work ethic or the freedom to sit and ponder.It is far from easy, the few words that have chunked into my mind to mix with this crowded haze, which has been around for so long are the fact that someone wrote that G.O. had got it backward to the extent that i have copied down the words to catch if i should sink back into the oblivion cast before me.
The other were words around kite flying and being adapted to the art of being a slave,poked into this was the one word Roman;i have lumbered over this one word mostly chewing over thought it better to be a Roman than a seeker of golden bubbles.
I thought that being a slave would be easy..swish, swish, wack, wack,the hump of flowing sperm and all would be sunlight on the beach,however i forgot about the one who holds the kite strings,or simply did not wonder too hard how the kite strings would be pulled.
The choice between a Roman and a golden bubble is not easy;the golden bubble is so very easy to obtain and so very cheap,the cork pops the liquid flows and what was in the forefront of my mind at the time of the oomph, sails into tomorrow with out much thought,nostalgia,golden memories, sail into the blue skies without such a bite from any loose clouds on the horizon.
I know choosing Roman will unleash beasts crowded in the colour brown flaked with the tinge of freckles green cascaded into streams of yellow clothed in furry beasts that roam the land in such of golden bubbles.I have much to do;two areogrames lay blank i can see them now just sat there..;my shells from the beach have still not been not washed only surfaced thoughts from golden bubbles evaporating over the contours.
i have been instructed to night to close the golden bubbles in a happy jolly mood and not to sink down into melancholy be it.....

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