bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 28th August 2017.

The last Bank Holiday Monday..slips away into the night..i sit before this machine...the white blank screen as always whispers to me where have you been...???.. and why does the sight of this vast space always trips yourself into your own blankness when so many words in side you are waiting to trip the light fantastic across this window, you stutter in confusion sometimes to what you are and sometimes to the vastness of the day which as always trickles through your fingers you will never be able to stop why ponder about it....You have not mentioned Winnie-The-Poo....or come to it..the Last Samuria..either...for a good while...Your not the only Transvestite in the world....nor perhaps the only soul that at times struggles across this vast white ocean in slow painfull seconds.Time i think to put some wind in your sails after all are you not the captain of your soul...???
Yes...Yes i know...even i gasped as i watched you slip all those old printed e-mails into the waste bin...some of those names i thought gosh to...!!!..Erin..all that poetry you both wrote never to be seen...i noticed you did not shed a tear..but i could read your the old story tumbled from your room should i or should i not discard and at least one or two poems where held back.....i think it is time to close, your blue uniform waits for the morrow don't forget your wrinkled stockings and don't take so long to pass this way...don't forget even i the big blank white screen has a a pair of wrinkled stockings..Ha ha somewhere in the good night....

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