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Sunday 3rd September 2017.

Your Early...yes i know....the world seams peaceful at this hour...Winnie The Poo..is still asleep and the Last Samurai is way out in front how is the world from the eye of the blank screen....The world as ever is fair dinkam madness as it has always been and always be if you can become used to those few words then sanity just might be kept in your panties.....I shall think on that when i pull my work ones on...however tis but the tail end of the weekend and as usual my this room still screams at me to put some order within these walls...I should ban you from my blank screen until you have sorted it..but then again your slightly crazy...you wear female clothes when you can and pick up conkers from the long grasses....you have a note on your calender that war was declared against Germany today in 1939...which makes you what....???
Indeed i wish i knew all i can say i am the walrus..so the beatles sang one day during the 60's.....and a host of other bits collected these past 60..odd years...as i have footed through the world on half a sixpence with a few books tucked under my arm that indeed talk to me and have not left me after page five....i think the Germany thing is to remind me about what male is left inside of me...the film Dunkirk....is all over town advertised on every bus stop...the male in me wants to see it on the big screen..the female would simply weep...i have been trying to work out in my soul is it because my England has vanished or the simple thought had i stood on that beach during that time would my sanity have made it through the day....and back to blighty....
Sunday..is ticking onward the world is waking and i need a can of coco-cola..cold..therefore time to say..So Goeth and a good week ahead to those that have lingered here for a few moments....luv and Peace to you....



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