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Sunday Evening 24th September 2017.

As rare as dobby-horse droppings i have returned for the second time in a day...a day covered in a spat of mixed emotions each one clinging to the wall of hope, riding bare back through passages of chocolate snowmen, pink elephants, riders of the storm..teenage kicks...by the Undertones rings across these walls...flips the lid bites back the forlorn hope..teenage kicks right through the night have long gone in a by pass of age...years crumble into one was it this year and have they really...???... i catch a cabbage watch an elephant piss through the black berries..is London the best city in the world or is it now simply full of couch spuds hanging on a washing line is there indeed a best city in the world or has Uber and Face book simply cut our lives to hot picks and the sliding finger up the page..even old men..hold phones in their hand..are they lost has the dummy finaly fallen from their grasp..can Amazon Face book ever be defeated bring back the buzzcocks and let Orgasm Addict rage through the night..Dear me a letter by the box tops a letter to my sixteen year old self..could we have even dredged up what the world would be when we stood at the cross roads of sixteen..what was indeed on our minds the first beer the first hand down some strange legs was God on our side or were we simply us, one, covered in the dirty word even back then..an individual...So Goeth...Bless all whom pass this way tonight and have a good week..So Goeth..x


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Sep. 24th, 2017 10:06 pm (UTC)
London is indeed the best city in the world. And it has been enjoying that crown way before Uber and Facebook and I suspect it will remain the best city in the world after they are gone too.
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