bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 1st October 2017.

Darkness covers the Manchester Basin the rush of rubber tyres out side this window on the world is gentle....the walls of this tiny room whisper to me....however i am tonight joined by a glass of Australian Chardonnay..but it is not my first of the day....therefore i could stay a short while scribble rubbish or gently go into the good night and scribble more rubbish as each sip passes my frame of mind tonight as i look down the depths of my blue uniform hanging waiting for me to drift amongst old ghosts..troglodyttes dressed in rich red kimono's.. in the hope peace will one day reach into the world and give it a good fucking.....rather than those whom throw bombs..therefore my mind is rather good...the telephone rang this afternoon whilst cooking in the kitchen hence the wine glass half full but no one was on the other end...had it been the person i thought it was my mood tonight might have been some what fraught...sadly those whom sporned me..perhaps could not cope with wrinkled stockings...even myself in those fresh days chomped on wooden gates for release....simply over the years pulling on a dress is quite is as they say say....two words from an old film where the hero's were real men and i sometimes wonder if i was one how would my days have turned around the corner...and whom would be sat here now scribbling these words across this blank white screen...i have not seen much of Winnie The Poo...nor my dear freind The Last Samuria..if ever there was a point to take a dress off then The Last Samuria would be the best person to honour....however i am long past that now the old panto dame has won her day..and an old transvestite is what will cloud my remaining days..To all whom pass this way have a good week....So Goeth...x

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