bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 6th October 2017.

I have squeezed my self to the door of the weekend...i am not sure whether to knock and be let in or wait until i can pull off my blue uniform late tomorrow afternoon as the last shift crumbles against the ticking clock...although i work most Saturdays i still at my age love that Friday Buzz for the weekend a feeling i hope to retain when i can step on board the retirement bus to planet Zog...i do recall sometime ago a retired person said all days mold into nothing but sameness, i remember being quite shocked at such a statment thinking not me..will i stand the test of time or will i crumble into the old mans web time, indeed fate will tell under the fingers crossed syndrome....
At this moment in time i am a very rich old transvestite tucked inside my wrinkled stockings i have six numbers which can win untold fortune by far the biggest Euro Millions lottery that i have ever comtemplated for a few hours in  dreams of the big spend...Will the three fates touch me or simply say Bollocks...the only answer is never to become depressed about not winning even a few pennies from some bar maids apron...So Goeth...A good weekend to all whom pass this way...on a day that never rained...Wow...

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