bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 15th October 2017.

Well......!!!! i not here to float around your big white screen that boths shouts so loud i hide behind the chair and that oh some common..sod off i sometimes feel when the world out side is a carpet bag....But at least i do have a good reason this time as by blue uniform has been in the darkness of the cellar for perhaps a week..much longer and i could quite happily refuse to work for the common good...each day has been a race against time in doing the tick off the list dance of chores left to me and those i have added myself until the chardonnay bubbles float inside my head...causing havoc amongst best laid plans....
I have spent my last Two Pound Coins that become withdrawn from use today, i did think as they were so shinny...i might just keep them for old time sake or simply door stoppers however this room is so full of nostalgia that even the word is beginning to wilt and this week i have managed to say thoust must depart..which means i have bought some more new books on my big day out in Manchester where rain greeted me and falling leaves clattered around my ears.
Its been a good while since i tramped those streets with undue care and attention where the gobstopper clock was not ruling the day...i sat in Mcdonalds and ate fat i spat at our leaders whom bang on about five a day but move the retirement date for those folloing to unreachable ages...i pissed in the toilet and thought fuck it...i bought a dress and thought wow the lady behind the till did not even blink, another lady in a different shop asked if i wanted it gift wrapping her smile attitude so nice i simply smiled thinking for whom the transvestite tolls...i always remember the first time the sweat pouring down my legs my thoat so dry i could hardly speak...thinking what the hell is happening to me buying female clothes and the disgust on the old grey haired ladies face i still recall to day....A gander amongst oil paintings in Manchester art gallery when time meant nothing for those whom could paint a quiet time in front of my favourite painting.." The Chariot Race.."...made me think hey the world is not to bad...old Mr Trump will pass away into historical comic book and Him Kin Joy in Asia might well choke on a chicken bone..but these paintings will still hang there..unless of coarse H.G. Wells scribbles in the war of the worlds does come true...however i will close with a small note that yesterday in 1926...Winnie The Poo was first published....So Goeth..for those whom pass this way have a good week and have a sneak at Winnie The Poo...x

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