bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 1st November 2017.

Sitting before this machine on the first day of each month has always been a want...i suspect most of the time, failure comes in capitals...i shrug at the mere thought of it.. knowing each day is a bag full of day for myself has ever been repeated, simply the worms have just become more plump and down the years excuses have also become quite plump...also...i may not have liked them but the softness inside me simply shurgs onto the next day...a sort of ho is...that small mite of a 60's hippy clinging to me in Yer Man...
Again today some one cast a stone to say i will be missed when i finally throw my blue uniform in the cellar...i think...that retirement from it will be the only thing i will not be able to find an excuse for....simply my body has said after 36 years...Fuck That....which i kinda agree on...therefore i begin another month along the tick sheet..there is also a birthday to ponder over which closes my eyes to the void starring at me from the blue lagoon..will i find a troglodyte in there or a golden sun beam...Perhaps....So Goeth...

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