bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 17th November2017.

As expected hours spent outside my blue uniform have steam train rushed through my mind and fingers each one a crag in the rock face of those dreaded list of do's want's and iffy's...i suspect most of the time has been iffy's, spur of the moment constant change of mind mostly depending on the drifting weather forecasts..watching the steady decline in outside temps as they now dip beneath only blessing is this is my last working winter in a blue uniform the thought is never far away from my mind, mainly as modern tecno gizmo's seem almost endless..the customer needs...quite i think...more like trying to cling on to the faceless arse of Amazon and their ungagged selling issues perhaps a t-shirt.." Fuck off Amazon we have a mind "...would make a best seller for us oldies..which for us oldies it's time to climb off the band wagon and simply chill to all those thoughts of can i do at a slower pace rather than watch UPS..drivers run up and down the streets in brown shorts in the feast of demented ducks on heat...perhaps they are on excellent wages and have free trips to across the pond for running the hundred yards in under ten seconds...
However i have had an excellent week a good host of bubbles have been consumed whilst cooking in the kitchen playing records sorry, shuffle on my i-pod..thinking how old..was i...and why did not the song Imagine stop all wars....I managed a day in the big city of Manchester a city i both love and hate in the same winters breath..i picked up a book from the last remaining book shop..." How to live in the city "...mainly to see if i can find a reason as to why i feel like an ant in the biggest dung heap that reaches up to God and back..since the Manchester Bombing a mass of cars on the streets have the Manchester Bee sticker riding high alas this does not stop the crap flying out of the windows fridges abandoned on street corners with an arising amount of beds discared also..the " we love manchester " is perhaps a joke...and only stuck on the rear of cars for face book issues....perhaps i am a simple old panto fart and should really be in a rocking chair on the porch with my wrinkled stockings perhaps if the sun was out playing with it's golden rays..yes perhaps...have a good weekend to all whom pass this way that old saying from the 60's love and peace to you...

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