bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 3rd December 2017.

For myself today is Trinity Sunday, a time when the mind slow cooks through the early hours, peers down the calendar with eyes half open and wonders if my sanity will reach Christmas tact....a time now to think on scribbling in Christmas cards to meet the last posting day alas i know it will stay only in my mind as i have not sent one perhaps for thirty years..i had hoped that this being my last Christmas on the post i might just reach for that extra effort to scribble lick stamps and post them in the big red pillar box down on the street corner....i can feel the christmas cards i have bought simply sniggering in their packaging poking out their tongues with big smiles simply reading bollocks...time indeed will tell if i can sweep off the mountain of cobwebs covering my snail mail address book....
I can also feel myself slipping into that Christmas Coat of memories from early childhood to the mass of 36 Christmas's i have worn this blue uniform with this being the last one working on the post...i know one should not wish ones life away...however i am glad i am fading away from this service modern tecnology has made the service a beast to the ticking clock and an eater of barcodes....i would not be shocked in the future if children are born with a bar code imprinted across there forehead..that old sixties the year 2525...have only got the years wrong...dispite all the crazyness in my mind i am in good hope...for the coming month...So Goeth...
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