September 20th, 2006

Wednesday 20th september 2006.

In away i sneakingly thought that the chocolate box would vanish today;i did hope so,alas not to be true,the only call i got was the horny catterpillar of work who at times fucks with vigour enough to make my eyes water in snow falls, and i excepted for such is the demand from the pennies i earn at this time after returning from the adventure come nightmare i had enjoyed,endured,in equal matches a sort of wearing glasses with one eye piece white and the other black and not knowing out of which one to gaze through first,or indeed both together.

Mistress will be glad to know that i have once more started to flit away some goodies in my tea caddy for i am sure the request to serve her in person will soon be coming and i do not want to feel her wrath if i delay in bowing before her beauty and forbaring,or to put off showing my gratitude to being enslaved by her.Her will power to make me write here in this journal for all cyber space see should they stumble across these scribbles and to write how i adore to serve her on her every wish is something which i will always be grateful for,to serve her is like being a new person, a sort of born again slave,a rising from the ashes from the melancholy discontent that i wallowed amongst for more time than the troglodytes have danced the barnacled kimono.